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SMS Garden

The Silverado Middle School garden is on the south end of the campus beyond the main classrooms and C wing.  

In the garden you can find a wide variety fruit trees, grapevines, native plants, vegetables, berries, and so much more. One of the student's favorite features are the small ponds full of fish, frogs and in the spring tadpoles. There are of course lizards, birds, butterflies and countless other critters and natural wonders.  Several classes use the garden on a regular basis for a wide variety of curricular and social reasons.  

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Garden wish list

  • New or used garden tools
  • Hand clippers and pruners
  • garden gloves for students (medium)
  • hoses
  • trees, shrubs, seedlings, starts, seasonal seeds, mulch & fertilizer
  • chicken feed, chopped straw, rice hulls

Volunteer Opportunities

  • Fence repair and replacement of planter boxes
  • tree trimming and pruning
  • grape pruning
  • weed removal
  • weed eating and mowing